2022 Australian Disc Golf Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Australian Disc Golf (inc) will be held on

Thursday 8th Dec, 8pm AEDT.

This year the meeting will be held online. You can join the meeting at


Meeting ID: 831 2233 8943; Password: 156961

Zoom can be downloaded from https://zoom.us

Nominations for ADG positions must be made by 5.00pm Thursday 10th November using this form.

Nominations are being accepted for the:

·        ADG Board

The board will be made up of chairperson, deputy, secretary, treasurer, director of competitions, State representative liaison and director of communications (description of roles). These positions are voted in by ADG members. The focus of the board will be overseeing disc golf activities in Australia.. The board meets once per month via zoom. If there are multiple applicants for a position on the board then members will be able to vote to decide who is elected. 

·        Tournament committee

A committee of 4 members will be created to focus on events. They will be responsible for setting the annual schedule of events, coordinating the tour, reviewing tournaments, assisting with the running of larger events and recommending and implementing changes to the tour. The director of tournaments will sit on both the ADG board and the tournament committee. Committee members will be appointed by the board following the AGM based on an application. Membership will be reviewed each year.

·        State representative body

1-2 people from each state and territory (preferably from different clubs) will sit on the state rep body. This body will meet to share ideas, discuss how things are going and what they need and hear what the board is working on. The state representatives will be the primary contact for clubs and players in their area. The state representative liaison will coordinate this body and also sit on the ADG board. If more than 2 applicants to be state representative for a particular state or territory then members from that state will be able to vote for who holds the positions. For states with an elected state association one of the positions will be selected by the state association prior to the AGM


  1. Acknowledgement of country
  2. Receive Apologies
  3. Confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting
  4. Receive and if thought fit, adopt the Statements of Financial Performance and Financial Position for the year ended 31st August 2022
  5. Elect positions for ensuing year
  6. Presentation of Annual report and review of 2022
  7. Discussion of 2023 tour
  8. General Discussion

2021 ADG AGM minutes

2022 Financial statement

2022 Annual report

(high resolution copy available here)