About the ADG

We are the official representative in Australia for two of the world’s largest Flying Disc bodies. The Australian Flying Disc Association (AFDA) with over 3,000 members and the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) with over 70,000 active worldwide members. We are also affiliated with WFDF.

We are run by players for players. We support any Disc Golf activity from any group in Australia whilst operating constitutionally as a branch of AFDA with financial and decision making autonomy. As such we are part of an impressive infrastructure with automatic insurance, Federal recognition and other aspects outlined in this site.

From 2004 we are the official organiser of the Australian and State Disc Golf Championships

Board and Committee Members

Position Name Profile Picture
Chairperson Luke Turnbull
Photo by Kingsley Flett
Photo by Kingsley Flett
Vice Chairperson Ken Summers
Photo by Kingsley Flett
Photo by Kingsley Flett
Secretary Emilie Cameron
Treasurer Martin Ryland-Adair
Photo by Kingsley Flett
Photo by Kingsley Flett
Director of Competitions
PDGA liaison
Paul Arden
Director of Communication Kingsley Flett
Photo by John Winery
Director of Development Nicholas Gregg
WFDF Liaison Sue Summers
Photo by Kingsley Flett
ACT State Rep Tom Rugg
NSW State Rep Kevin Costa
QLD State Rep Simon Tanner
SA State Rep Ryan Nicholson
TAS State Rep Edward Hesline
VIC State Rep Matt Hill
WA State Rep Dave Kynaston