About the ADG tour

The Australian Disc Golf tour (ADG Tour) consists of a series of events held across the country. These events must meet certain criteria depending on the tier level. Players earn tour points depending on the event tier and where they finish in their division.

1. Timeframe

Each year’s tour will begin in January and finish at the Australian Disc Golf Championships in November. Winners will be announced at an online event held after the tour has finished.

2. Tour points

A key objective of the ADG Tour is for players to be ranked based on their performance during the year. Tour points are awarded for each tour event played based on the base rate for the event tier level, the number of players in the division at the event and their finishing position.  A player’s best 6 events only count towards their tour points total. Tour points will accumulate in the division a player selects to participate in at the event. This means players may accumulate points in different divisions throughout the year. Outside the junior divisions, only players who are PDGA members will accumulate ADG tour points. The current tour points table is available on the tour leaderboard.

3. Tour prizes

The top 3 place getters in each division on the tour will be announced at the end of the tour and will receive a bag tag prize. Division winners will also receive PDGA membership for the following year.  The 1st place getter in the top women’s and mixed divisions (FPO and MPO) will have their name added to the perpetual ADG Tour trophy.