Tournament formats

In order to be eligible for inclusion in the ADG tour, Tournament Directors (TDs) must ensure that their event meets the requirements of the tier level of the event. With the exception of these requirements TDs can run their tour event as they see fit.  Where there are minimum requirements, such as number of holes and rounds, TDs can provide configurations in excess of these requirements.

For all events PDGA rules are in effect. We come under the PDGA’s international program. In addition, players must abide by the ADG respect agreement and follow all local rules and regulations.

1. Event requirements

Events per year16
ADG Tour points base15012010080
Length of event (minimum)3 days2 days2 days1 day
Number of holes played (minimum)54543613¹
Capacity (minimum)14414472
Attendance (minimum)36²
Unique Baskets (minimum)1818186
Non-playing TDYesYes
PDGA Sanctioning (minimum)B-TierC-TierC-TierC-Tier
Minimum Pro Purse3$1,000
Trophy/Medals (minimum)1st-3rd1-4 in a div: 1st
5-11 in a div: 1st & 2nd
12+ in a div: 1st-3rd
PDGA True Amateur Events
Payout/prizes per division (minimum)Top 25%Top 20%Top 20%
Sanctioning Fee per person per day$7$7$7$3.50

¹ B-Tier events must have a minimum number of 13 holes to meet PDGA round rating requirements

² A-Tier events that cannot meet minimum attendance requirements should run as B-Tier events

3 Minimum requirement is USD$800 to align with PDGA B-Tier requirements for international events. Events will need to check exchange rates at time of tournament

2. Location

For ADGC the host state/territory will rotate on a fixed cycle. This will begin in QLD (2022), then TAS (2023), NSW (2024), WA (2025), ACT (2026), SA (2027) and VIC (2028). Knowing this cycle in advance will allow states and territories to plan for their turn as hosts. While efforts will be made to keep this cycle, changes will occur if necessary.

Each year the host state/territory of ADGC will not host a Major event. However, the TD and course must have previously been host to a Major event. The host club for a Major should be decided within the state/territory with the involvement of the ADG board state representative.

3. Timing

Preference will be given to running a state or territory’s Major event in the same month as previous years. If a state/territory wishes to change months they will need to negotiate with the state/territory already holding that month and the ADG board state representatives.

There are some restrictions around the timing of ADG Tour events in relation to other events: 

  • ADGC should be held around the end of November
  • No two Majors will be held in the same month
  • No Majors will be held in November or December
  • No A-Tier events will be held on the same weekend as a Major
  • No two A-Tier events will be held in same state/ territory on the same weekend (with exceptions for virtual events e.g., WGE, ADGD)
  • No B-Tier events to be held in a state/territory on the same weekend as the state/territory’s Major

4. Pre-registration

Preregistration is necessary at all ADG tour events. Players can preregister for events at the event calendar. Most events will also have a website or facebook event page which you should check for additional event information.

5. Playing formats

Events can be run with a shotgun start, tee times or split field over different courses or days based on division.

6. X-Tier (non-Tour) events

Non-standard or small events can be categorised as X-tier events in order to obtain ADG sanctioning. Examples include doubles, one disc events, ace races and match play. Tour points will not be awarded for these events. An ADG fee of $0.55 per player per event is charged. X-tier events can be added to the event calendar and use the ADG registration system.

7. Leagues

While not contributing towards the ADG Tour points, leagues can still be sanctioned by the ADG. Sanctioning will provide insurance for the league event. Fees are charged at $0.50 per player per league day. All players must be ADG members or have the details required of membership collected at the league event.  League numbers will be collected from clubs annually and an invoice sent.