ADG events utilise a set of player divisions based on age, skill and gender. The division requirements used are from the PDGA tour standards located here

First time players are encouraged to participate in the MA4 and FA4 divisions for Men and Women respectively.

If you have any doubts about which division you should participate in contact the Tournament Director or the Director of Competitions.

Professional Divisions PDGA Suggested Minimum Rating
Pro Open (MPO) 970+
Open Women (FPO) 900+
Open Masters (MP40) 935+


Amateur Divisions PDGA Rating Requirement
Advanced (MA1) 935+
Intermediate (MA2) < 935
Novice (MA4) < 850
Masters 40+ (MA40) 40+
Masters 50+ (MA50) 50+
Junior <15 (MJ15) under 15
Junior Girls <15 (FJ5) under 15
Advanced Women (FA1) 825+
Intermediate Women (FA2) < 825
Novice Women (FA4) < 725

Age Protected Divisions

Competition age is determined by just their birth year, not their full birthdate. A male amateur player is born in October of 1963. In October of 2018, he will turn 55 years old. This means that for the entire calendar year of 2018 he is eligible to compete in the Masters 55+ division (MA55 = Mixed Amateur, minimum PDGA competition age of 55), despite not actually turning 55 until October.

Divisions offered at tour events

For Novice Divisions, an alternative requirement of less than 2 years playing experience (counted from the first ADG tour event played) or less than 3 ADG tour events played, can be used for players who do not have a PDGA rating. For further details on the qualifying criteria for these divisions please refer the PDGA Divisions Guide.

Divisions with less than 4 players entered can be merged into other divisions were appropriate. For example if only 2 Masters (MA40) players and 1 Grandmaster (MA50) players registered for a tournament, the Tournament Director can decide to run only a single combined Masters Division for that event.

The Open division is a professional division where cash payouts can be offered at ADG sanctioned events which are also PDGA events. Amateur players playing in this division must decline any cash payouts if they wish to maintain PDGA amateur status.

For Novice Players, Tournament Directors should consult available ADG information for registered players to determine whether those players have been playing Disc Golf for more than 2 years. A player shall be required to move up from the Novice division if the time between the oldest recorded event for that player and current date exceeds 2 years and the total number of ADG sanctioned events during this interval is 3 or more. Players who have played less than 3 events during the preceding 2 year period may still participate in the Novice division. At the Tournament Director’s discretion, Novice Division players who have clearly been playing in excess of 24 months may be moved to to a higher Division where appropriate.

Tour points accumulation

Tour points will accumulate in the division you select to participate in at the event (assuming you qualify for that division). This means players may accumulate points in different divisions throughout the year. Most players will like to compete in the same division to accumulate as many points as possible but it is not a requirement.

PDGA membership requirement

All players are encouraged to become PDGA members as this assists promoting the sport worldwide, and shows external bodies like the Australian Sports Commission the growth of the sport locally.

At ADGTour A tier events players in the Men’s Open, Advanced and Intermediate divisions as well as those in Men’s Novice who have played for over 2 years, must be PDGA members or pay an additional $5 on top of the regular Tournament Entry fee.