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Connor Donnelly – our latest TD mentoring graduate

Connor Donnelly receives his TD mentoring certificate from Ken Summers

We should all be able to answer this question – what does Disc Golf have to give? Check out our ‘why disc golf’ document if you need a few ideas because ‘disc golf’s great! It’s awesome! Everyone should play it!’ is not enough.

One way our sport can give is by developing its people. In future, given enough time and resources, we’ll have structured pathways (like coaching programs) that people can follow to acquire skills. Skills that don’t just increase their impact in Disc Golf, but that are transferrable to other aspects of their lives and careers.

The gradual building process has begun with the TD mentoring program. A way for experienced TD’s to guide new candidates into developing the confidence and skills they need to run an event. Also a way for us to formally recognize those skills so they’ll look good on anyone’s resume.

As far as developing Connor Donnelly as a person goes, there wasn’t much work required. He arrived as an impressive young man. You can see an interview of him here. After being mentored by ADG Vice President Ken Summers during the The Mundilorian at Mundaring Disc Golf Club in May, Connor, at 18, became the youngest person to graduate from our mentoring process. Connor will be directing his maiden event, solo, later this year where we believe he’ll become the youngest TD in Australia. Connor also serves on the Mundaring Disc Golf Club executive as a secretary.

Congratulations to Connor, Ken and the Mundaring Disc Golf Club for recognizing that not all the talent that needs nurturing in our sport involves throwing frisbees.

The Return of the Aussie Disc Golf Day

Life gave the world lemons last year, but the unbreakable Aussie Disc Golf community used them to make lemonade. We turned nation-wide shutdowns, travel bans and the forced cancellation of our national championships into an unprecedented event that brought our whole community together and introduced hundreds of new people to our game.

This year it’s on again. Why two weeks before the nationals? In a perfect world, it will give everyone across the country a chance for a local competitive hit-out before the big dance later in November. The small, local events, all connected into one scoring system will kick of a big Aussie Disc Golf Month. In an imperfect world? Well lets not talk about that just yet, but the Aussie Disc Golf day served us well in that way-less-than-perfect 2020. The format will be the same as last year. A one day event with 2 rounds of the same course in the day. Bragging rights winners will be the highest average rated rounds across all divisions.

Recent times seems to have made disc collectors of us all and this year we have a one-of-a-kind, once-off, Aussie made Fourth Circle Discs disc produced expressly for the day that your club or event TD can order. Stay tuned for details on how to register and where to hit up your local club for a location near you.

Event fees will be minimal. If your event is cancelled due to a change in Covid-19 restrictions in your area, you will be issued a partial refund but you get to keep your disc.

Want to organize an Aussie Disc Golf Day event in your area? Send an email to with the venue and name of your event and we’ll get you started.

Keep up to date with all the latest Aussie Disc Golf Day shenanigans on our Instagram or on the Australian Disc Golf Facebook page. And feel free to join in using #aussiediscgolfday tags on your social media of choice.

Disc Golf During Covid-19 Restrictions

Since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic in November 2019, we’ve seen differing views about the virus, and the measures that our local, state, and federal governments are taking to combat its spread.

All ADG members should realize however, that your views don’t matter when it comes to obeying the law. Several state governments have invoked temporary lockdowns as a measure to combat the spread of the virus. Depending on their severity, these lockdowns have included restrictions on sport, recreation, and exercise. The lockdowns often allow for exercise, alone (or with a member of the same household), within a specified distance from home. The lockdowns usually prohibit participation in indoor or outdoor sports and the use of public exercise and play equipment. Depending on the state, the lockdown conditions will sometimes explicitly refer to outdoor sports like disc golf, sometimes they won’t. However, each time we have sought clarification from the relevant municipal body it has been made clear to us that Disc Golf is considered an outdoor sport making use of public facilities (ie baskets).

The message here is clear. You must follow local public health orders and stop playing Disc Golf during a lockdown when outdoor sports are prohibited. Continuing to play harms the reputation of our sport and is not in accordance with our goal to be respectful members of the community in which our sport is played. The Australian Disc Golf Respect Agreement, includes following local bylaws and regulations in the public or private property on which the sport is played. Alleged breaches of our respect agreement are reviewed by the ADG board and actions taken can include warnings, temporary suspensions, and permanent bans.

To continue the growth of your sport that we have enjoyed in Australia, every Disc Golfer needs to show some cultural leadership in these difficult times.