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Player Profile – Paul ‘Noisy’ Noesen

By Dave Kynaston

PDGA #24666
Playing Division: MPO
Current Rating: 947

Noisy only by name, he’s cool, calm and collected when out on the course. Following an impressive MPO win at WA’s inaugural ‘The Mundilorian’, Paul’s diverse and artful shot-making saw him fight back in round two to take second place at the 2021 Perth Open.

Let’s hear from Mr Paul Noesen.

Q: What are your strengths as a player?

A: I feel my strengths are that I have many tools to work with; forehand, backhand, tomahawk, thumber, rollers…..there aren’t many shots I can’t utilise.

Q: What is your best or favourite competition result to date?

A: Gentlemen’s Club Challenge in 2010 playing MA1, I took second place on very little sleep and the top 3 received automatic invites to the National Amateur Disc Golf Championship which was amazing to experience.

Q: What are your disc golfing ambitions and plans for the next two or three years?

A: I want to continue to develop a very consistent and dangerous putt, bring my rating up and attend Masters Worlds in the United States.

Q: Can you share a top form tip or something that substantially helped you improve your play.

A: The biggest thing that has helped me is to worry about what I’m doing and not how others are shooting. Don’t get angry at a mistake, think about what you can focus on or change to help correct it for future throws/events.

Q: What top pro player do you look up to and why?

A ; Calvin Heimberg – He is as cool as it comes, very focused and enjoys playing the game.

Q: What is your favourite disc in your bag right now and what do you use it for?

A: Favourite disc at the moment is the Axiom Tantrum; this disc is a go to for distance backhand and forehand. It’s also very comfortable and easy for me to control.

Thanks Noisy!

Image by Kingsley Flett

Player Profile – Chris ‘Chilly’ Hill

Picture by Kingsley Flett

By Dave Kynaston

For this hard-throwing MPO player from NSW his competition stats say it all.  In his last 11 (PDGA sanctioned) competitions he’s won 8 and he’s has finished second in the other three!  He’s currently Australia’s 2nd highest rated player at 983. Look out for him at the Australian Disc Golf Championships at Inverleigh this year, bringing you Mr Chris Hill.

Playing Division: MPO
Current Rating: 983
Predominant throw: Right Hand Back Hand

Sponsor: Kastaplast

Q: What are your strengths as a player?

A: My backhand drive is my strength. I can throw 130m with good control in most weather conditions which allows me plenty of chances to make birdies.

Q: What is your best or favourite competition result to date?

A: My first and highest rated tournament was the 2012 Jesmond Jam when I shot a 1012 rated tournament to take out the MPO division by 4 shots. My favourite and most recent tournament was again the Jesmond Jam. This time after throwing Kastaplast for only 3 weeks I was able to beat a good friend and fierce competitor Jonathan “JJ” Jonas in a play off to win in a nail-biting finish.

Q: What are your disc golfing ambitions and plans for the next two or three years?

A: My biggest goal is to win the Australian Disc Golf Championships. I figure my best chance is to do this in the next few years as the number of disc golfers and talent in Australia seems to be exploding! Having a player rating of 1000 would also be pretty cool.

Q: Can you share a top form tip or something that substantially helped you improve your play.   

A: Form is not a big focus of mine. I think its far more important to just get out and throw bucket loads. If you throw hard in the field and practice plenty of putts, then whatever form you develop, you will gain confidence with it and will be able to execute your shots in tournaments.

Q: What top pro player do you look up to and why? 

A ; I am definitely team McBeth. He has the full range of shots and always plays his best in the critical moments. Looking forward to watching Paul win his 6th World Championships very shortly!

Q: What is your favourite disc in your bag right now and what do you use it for?

A: The Rask for sure! It’s a stable 14 speed distance driver that even comes with a bonus inner rim. It cuts through the air like nothing else and gives me the confidence to rip it down even the narrowest of fairways.

Thanks Chilly!

New North Ryde Common Course in Sydney

Sydney Disc Golf is proud to announce the opening of it’s second Public Disc Golf Course based in North Ryde Common! We have been working on this project for a few months now and are very happy to have it available towards the end of June! We will be using this course for social days and weekly doubles events. It will have 9 permanent baskets with 18 tee pads, and signage for each hole. It’s a nice quiet park that doesn’t get much use that will test your skills with lines navigating around trees. City of Ryde council have helped set this up and we can’t thank them enough. We will be having a social day on (link below) which will be used to fundraise for the new course, so please try and come down for the day and let’s try and make this our biggest Social Day ever! Here is the GoFundMe link: Your donation will count as the entry fee so please give generously, and there are still 7 more holes that we need to fill to be sponsored. There is also more information in the GoFundMe!