ADG division and ADG Tour changes for 2015

You will notice a few changes to the ADG Tour this year and we wanted to let you know what they’re all about.

If you are planning to host or compete in any ADG Tour event or PDGA sanctioned event in Australia in 2015, it’s important that you understand these changes. The key changes are outlined below.

ADG to adopt PDGA divisions

In 2015 we will move from our own system to using PDGA Divisions at all ADG Tour events. For the most part this just means that the name and code of the division you will compete in has been changed. The table below shows the old and new codes. You will notice that some divisions have been removed and a new division has been added. The Intermediate divisions are new this year and initially will not be offered at all tour events. The Men’s Intermediate division will be offered at all ADG Tour A-Tier events. Based on current participation levels we have removed the Women’s open division. You might also notice that what was Recreational is now referred to as Novice. Here is the complete list:



Old Code

New Code

PDGA Rating

ADG Recommended Rating

Men’s Open Pro MO MPO 970+ 950+
Men’s Advanced Am MA MA1 935+ 900+
Men’s Intermediate Am MA2 < 935 < 900
Men’s Novice Am MR MA4 < 850 < 850
Men’s Masters Am MM MM1 Born 1975 or earlier Born 1975 or earlier
Men’s Grand Masters Am MG MG1 Born 1965 or earlier Born 1965 or earlier
Boy’s Under 17 Am MJ MJ2 Born 1999 or later Born 1999 or later
Women’s Advanced Am FA FA1 825+ 800+
Women’s Intermediate Am FA2 < 825 < 800
Women’s Novice Am FR FA4 < 725 < 700

ADG Recommended Rating Level

ADG has decided, in addition to presenting the official PDGA rating details for these divisions, to offer an ADG Recommended Rating Level based on the level of play observed in Australia in past Tour years. International players can use these recommended ratings to get a better understanding of the likely level of competition they will experience with local players. ADG will continue to monitor results from ADG Tour events to evaluate whether separate recommended ratings continue to be required. If you have any doubts about which division you should participate in contact your Tournament Director or the Director of Competitions.

For the latest information on division classifications and requirements please see the ADG Website.

Intermediate Division offered

We are introducing a new division between what would currently be considered Advanced and Recreational, now between Advanced and Novice. The Intermediate division will not be offered at all events and for the 2015 tour year points accumulated in the Advanced (MA1) and Intermediate (MA2) divisions will be merged into a single ‘Am’ division. In future tour years if we see good participation levels in all divisions we will separate them.

Points accumulated in event division

In previous years, players selected a specific division for their annual membership. They then accumulated tour points in this division for the entire year, usually we set the division based on where the player competed in their first event for the year. This year we will do away with membership divisions (you may have noticed the PDGA don’t have them either).
This means that you will accumulate your tour points in the division you select to participate in at the event (assuming you qualify for that division). This means players are free to select which division they want to accumulate their tour points in and may accumulate points in different divisions throughout the year. Most players will like to compete in the same division to accumulate as many points as possible but it is no longer a requirement. There is also a possibility that a person could accumulate enough points in 2 tour divisions to win them, in this scenario the player will only be awarded the title of the higher of the divisions they have won.

Players who register for a division which is offered at an event who are then forced to move to a different division due to lack of participation (less than three players in a division) will be permitted to accumulate their points in the division they originally registered in provided they are forced to play up.

PDGA membership requirement

All players are encouraged to become PDGA members.
At ADG Tour A tier events players in the Men’s Open, Advanced and Intermediate divisions as well as those in Men’s Novice who have played for over 2 years, must be PDGA members or pay $5 extra.

Some of these changes are quite significant so please be patient while we get all of our website content and systems updated. Players and event organisers with questions should definitely reach out to the Director of Competitions.