ADGC2023 registration

Registration for the highly anticipated Australian Disc Golf Championships (ADGC) will officially open on Friday, 30th of June, at 7 PM.

ADGC will be held at Poimena Reserve in Hobart over 2 weekends.

Nov 18th-20th: ADGC Div 2 (MA2, FA2, MA3, FA4, MA50, FA40, MJ15, FJ15)

Nov 24th-26th: ADGC Div 1 (MPO, FPO, MP40, MA1, FA1, MA40)

Registration will be tiered, with each week a new tier opening up. The outline will be as follows:

30 June – Female, Junior, and invitational

7 July – All divisions 915+ PDGA rating

14 July – All divisions 890+ PDGA rating

21 July – All divisions 850+ PDGA rating

28 July – Open to everyone

register at

MPO, MP40, FPO, MA1, MA40, FA1:

MA50, MA2, MA3, FA40, FA2, FA4, MJ15, FJ15:

Division caps will be adjusted at the end and players on wait lists then offered spots to fill other divisions.

MPO (40 spots); MP40 (20); MA1 (35); MA40 (25); MA50 (20); MA2 (35); MA3 (35); MJ15 (10)

FPO (15); FA1 (15); FA2 (15); FA4 (15); FA40 (10); FJ15 (10)

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