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The Women’s Global Event is Growing Every Year

📷 Kingsley Flett

100 women across Australia played together as part of a global event that linked 129 events and 3305 women around the globe in a PDGA ratings-based scoring system involving 23 divisions. In  Australia we had 7 events: the WGE – Run the Chains at Chichester presented by Julie Ormston & partners, Melbourne Celebrates, Adelaide Parklands,  WGE Sydney 2022 Presented by Disc Connection, Dubbo, Run the Chains at Mundaring and Koala Park.  

After humble beginnings, with one event and 3 women competitors in 2012, the event has more than tripled in competitors in Australia between 2018 and 2019 and then grew by a further 14 percent in the last year.

Growth in WGE participation in Australia 2012 – 2022

Like in the other golf, women make up only a small percentage of players overall, anywhere between 5 and 15% depending on how this number is calculated. Through the efforts of many volunteers nation-wide, this imbalance is being gradually redressed with initiatives like women’s leagues and social days in  Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

Central to this approach is the Women’s Global Event. In one sense it is an opportunity to encourage new women to try the sport, but the event also encourages Disc Golfers across Australia to reflect on how we can make the sport more inclusive of women and how to make their experience in the game more comfortable and enjoyable.

Stand out performers this year were: Gina Hill – 3rd in FA1, Cassie Sweetten – 55th in FPO, Gail Lynch  – 4th in FA70+,  Jessica Holman and Lydia Philpott both finishing in the top 40 of FJ15 and, playing in her first ever tournament 81 year-old Merle Milentis, who finished 17th in FA70+.

Merle Milentis 📷 Kingsley Flett

Encouraging too, was the fact that 5 of the 7 events had women as their tournament directors: Sue Summers in Mundaring, Julie O’Donoghue in Chichester, Janet Ford Adams in Melbourne, Emilie Cameron in Koala park and Lisa Wallis in Sydney.

Mundaring WGE TD Sue Summers with junior winner Lily Fewster

As the chatter across social media over the weekend showed, this event has grown into having a spirit all its own and has fast become a valued part of the Australian Disc Golf calendar.


📷 Kingsley Flett

The World Team Disc Golf Championships are on 17 to 20 August. Last year Team Australia member Paul Noesen was kind enough to share with us some insights into his game and his outlook on the sport.


Q:What are your strengths as a player?

A: I feel my strengths are that I have many tools to work with; forehand, backhand, tomahawk, thumber, rollers…..there aren’t many shots I can’t utilise.

Q: What is your best or favourite competition result to date?

A: Gentlemen’s Club Challenge in 2010 playing MA1, I took second place on very little sleep and the top 3 received automatic invites to the National Amateur Disc Golf Championship which was amazing to experience.

Q: What are your disc golfing ambitions and plans for the next two or three years?

A: I want to continue to develop a very consistent and dangerous putt, bring my rating up and attend Masters Worlds in the United States.

Q: Can you share a top form tip or something that substantially helped you improve your play.

A: The biggest thing that has helped me is to worry about what I’m doing and not how others are shooting. Don’t get angry at a mistake, think about what you can focus on or change to help correct it for future throws/events.

Q: What top pro player do you look up to and why?

A: Calvin Heimberg – He is as cool as it comes, very focused and enjoys playing the game.

Best of luck for Croatia Noisy, so great to have you representing Australia on the world stage.


📷 Kingsley Flett

Playing Division: MPO

Current Rating: 986

Sponsor: Kastaplast

Predominant throw: Right Hand Backhand

Q: What are your strengths as a player?

A: My backhand drive is my strength. I can throw 130m with good control in most weather conditions which allows me plenty of chances to make birdies.

Q: What is your best or favourite competition result to date?

A: My first and highest rated tournament was the 2012 Jesmond Jam when I shot a 1012 rated tournament to take out the MPO division by 4 shots. My favorite and most recent tournament was again the Jesmond Jam. This time after throwing Kastaplast for only 3 weeks I was able to beat a good friend and fierce competitor Jonathan “JJ” Jonas in a play off to win in a nail-biting finish.

📷 Kingsley Flett

Q: What are your disc golfing ambitions and plans for the next two or three years?

A: My biggest goal is to win the Australian Disc Golf Championships. I figure my best chance is to do this in the next few years as the number of disc golfers and talent in Australia seems to be exploding! Having a player rating of 1000 would also be pretty cool.

Q: Can you share a top form tip or something that substantially helped you improve your play.

A: Form is not a big focus of mine. I think its far more important to just get out and throw bucket loads. If you throw hard in the field and practice plenty of putts, then whatever form you develop, you will gain confidence with it and will be able to execute your shots in tournaments.

📷 David Hill

Q: What top pro player do you look up to and why?

A: I am definitely team McBeth. He has the full range of shots and always plays his best in the critical moments. Looking forward to watching Paul win his 6th World Championships very shortly!

Q: What is your favorite disc in your bag right now and what do you use it for?

A: The Rask for sure! It’s a stable 14 speed distance driver that even comes with a bonus inner rim. It cuts through the air like nothing else and gives me the confidence to rip it down even the narrowest of fairways.

Cheers Chilly – Can’t wait to see you tear it up in Croatia!

📷 Lisa Wallis

🖋 David Kynaston