Relaunched ADG Tour

The 2020 tour was cancelled and 2021 was disrupted but in 2022 the ADG tour will be relaunched with more players, more events and more points on offer. Here is what you need to know.


Each year’s tour will begin in January and finish at the Australian Disc Golf Championships (ADGC) in November.  Tour winners and prize recipients will then be announced at an online event following ADGC. Events in December will not count towards tour points. Note however that the 2021 tour will include December events and will finish 31st December 2021.  2022 will be unique in having two ADGC events as part of the tour.


The tour will have levels – Australian Disc Golf Championships (ADGC), Major, A-Tier and B-Tier events. Each year there will be one ADGC or one Major per state or territory; and unlimited A/B-Tier events. Majors are being added as the premier event in each state/territory each year. They will have a minimum of 2 playing days, minimum capacity of 144 players and minimum of 18 unique baskets.  The ADGC and Majors will offer the highest available tour points at 150 and 120 base points respectively. See here for all tier level requirements.

The ADGC will be held on a fixed cycle rotation. This will begin with 2022 in QLD then TAS (2023), NSW (2024), WA (2025), ACT (2026), SA (2027) and back to VIC (2028). This will allow states to plan around when they are hosting. The cycle may change if needed – if the last 2 years have taught us anything it’s that nothing is set in stone.


The tour will have 5 new divisions added: FPO, FA2, FA40, MP40 and MA3. These divisions must be offered at tour events. However, following PDGA guidelines if there are fewer than 4 players registered in a division it can be combined with an appropriate division and players notified of the change. MA4 will be offered at events but will not accumulate tour points. This brings the total number of tour divisions to 14 (MPO, FPO, MA1, FA1, MA2, FA2, MA3, FA4, MP40, MA40, FA40, MA50, MJ15, FJ15). Players will accumulate tour points in the division registered at each event.


A player needs to be an ADG and a PDGA member to accumulate tour points. Players who are not a PDGA member can still play events but won’t be awarded ADG tour points. This requirement does not apply to Junior players playing in MJ15 or FJ15 who only need to be ADG members.

There are some big changes here so we value your constructive feedback and appreciate your patience as we implement the changes and make any necessary adjustments.  If you have any questions or comments about the relaunched tour, please contact your state rep We will follow up with an FAQ as needed.

Happy playing.