ADG Tour Changes 2016

Australian Disc Golf is pleased to announce a change to the Tour for 2016.

Summary of the changes:
• Tour events to have updated base points: ADGC 120, A tiers 100, B tiers 80, C tiers 50
• ADGC will be the first event of the tour year
• Tour points will be calculated on the final ADGC results
• The tour year will end the weekend before ADGC
• To accommodate the change ADGC 2015 will be counted in both the 2015 (first 2 rounds) and 2016 (full results) tour point calculations
• Provide PDGA sanctioning to B-tier events
• Increase Event based fees for B-tiers to $3.50 per person per event

The ADG have not made this decision lightly but we feel that this presents a number of benefits including:

• Full results of ADGC are including in the tour calculation
• Tour winners can be announced at the ADGC Players dinner
• Less presentations on the final day of ADGC
• B tiers are now more relevant for players and allow TD’s to run a significant event outside of an A tier.
• Increase more PDGA sanctioned events in Australia

If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to send them through to “president at australiandiscgolf dot com” or ask your local Australian Disc Golf board member. Alternatively head on over to the Facebook page and join the conversation there. Feedback is welcome!

Neil Roberts
Australian Disc Golf – President