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ADG Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Australian Disc Golf (inc) will be held on

Thursday 31st October 2019, 6:30pm at Mount Gambier Golf Club (235, Attamurra Rd), SA.

This is in conjunction with the awards night and players meeting being held at the same location. The agenda for the meeting and the financial statement can be seen by clicking the links.

At the meeting we will be electing the ADG Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of competitions, Development officer, Communications officer and State representatives for the ensuing year. As per the ADG Rules of Association, written nominations for the above positions must be received by me, the Secretary of Australian Disc Golf (inc) by 5.00pm Wednesday 23rd October at

Special Resolution to adopt new Rules of Association will be tabled and voted on during the meeting. The new Rules of Association have been updated from the previous version to reflect changes to the incorporation model rules put out by the WA government (Associations Incorporation Act 2015). A summary of the major changes:

  • “Oversee Australian Disc Golf tour” added as objective of the organisation
  • Voting age set to 15
  • A member can only be a proxy for up to 5 other members
  • Specifies that we were not formed or carried on for the purpose of securing profit for our members from our transactions
  • Sets out rules around forming subcommittees.

These changes will require a 75% majority to pass.

If you will not be attending the meeting you may vote by proxy. You can complete the proxy form online at proxy form

The AGM is a great opportunity to hear what has happened in disc golf around Australia in the past year and what is coming up in the year ahead. Following the official parts of the meeting the floor will be open for general discussion. You can bring items up at the meeting or send our board secretary Emilie Cameron an email with any agenda items you’d like added.

Mick Canci Awarded The Rob Hancock Award

Australian Disc Golf received the very pleasing news last week that Michael Canci was to be the 2019 recipient of AFDA‘s Rob Hancock award. One of only a small number of disc golfers to do so. A long-standing selfless servant of flying disc sports who is currently applying his thoroughness to keeping the Perth Disc Golf Club administratively in line, Mick is just the sort of community minded individual who deserves such an award. Well done Mick.

You can about Mick’s flying disc life here.








Bidding is now open for 2020 ADG Tour A-tier events

Bids should be submitted to Paul Arden – by Friday October 18th 2019.

A bid should include:

  • Event Name
  • Proposed Event Dates
  • Event Location
  • Event TD and Contact Details
  • Other relevant information

In the event of conflicting A Tier bids (defined as two events falling within 20 calendar days of each other) the ADG Board will initially consult the bidders and attempt to reach a resolution and failing that, deciding by ADG committee vote. Note that preference will be given to state championships and events held in the same month that they were this year.

Once the schedule of A Tiers has been finalized, B and C Tier events can be added to the calendar. Please note that these events can be put in the schedule up to 30 days prior to the event.

An official announcement about the tour schedule will be made at ADGC in Mount Gambier, SA.