ADG Strategic Plan

For the past few months ADG has been developing a strategic plan. The process has included a workshop with key stakeholders, review of survey responses, documents and participation data, and input from a working party selected from ADG members through an open application process.

We are now pleased to present the plan resulting from that process to our members.

ADG’s operations between 2023 and 2028 will be guided by this document.

Disc Golf 2028 presents a blueprint for how ADG, in collaboration with our key partners will ensure the continued growth and thriving future of Disc Golf in Australia between 2023 and 2028.

This plan highlights :

  • our key partners and enablers
  • an amibtious list of projects to move our organisation forward
  • key areas of focus for ADG during the years of 2023 – 2028

You can download and read the full document here, as well an abridged one page version.

ADG will be hosting a ‘town hall’ style meeting in the coming weeks to address any questions arising from the presentation of this document – details will be provided through social media channels and email to all ADG members and member clubs.