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Towards the end of 2021 ADG implemented a new structure for (ADG) sanctioned events, to meet the demands of the ongoing growth in our sport and to start a transition to a more mature competitions structure. Perhaps the biggest change for 2022 was the introduction of a single State Major, as each states’ pinnacle annual event. With this came a prestige step-up and additional player capacity requirements. The TDs rose to the challenge with capacity, organisation, communications and event presentation taken to (very) impressive new levels.

Here’s a shout out to the TD’s and Assistants for the six State Majors this year, each one a stand-out landmark event – we thank and applaud your amazing work:

– Tom Rugg for The Sizzler – ACT
– Matt Green for The Two Heads Open – TAS
– Patrick Thorpe and Matt Hill for The Vic Open – VIC
– Reece (and Keenan) Vellios for The Perth Open – WA
– Sharon and Kevin Costa for the NSW Open – NSW
– Michelle Schulz and Ryan Nicholson for Eruption 2022 – SA

Michelle Schulz and Ryan Nicholson – Image from Kingsley Flett video.
Reece Vellios – Perth Open
Sharon and Kevin Costa and crew – Image by Central West Disc Golf

And the TDs for the two Australian Disc Golf Championships events held this year. Years of planning and work was put it by these TDs and the large teams of volunteers – the ‘next level’ was smashed and we thank you.

– Patty Robinson and Andrew Ferguson – 2021 Australian Disc Golf Championships, Inverleigh – VIC

– Adam Lowe and Patrick Ferris Jr – 2022 Australian Disc Golf Championships – Tunnel Ridge Ranch, Landsborough – QLD

Adam Lowe and Patrick Ferris Jr and the Teal Army support team – Image from Kingsley Flett’s camera
Patty Robinson and Andrew Ferguson – Image by [please advise]

Let’s also celebrate the TDs that took-on more than one event his year.
– TD for one event and Assistant TD for one event – Charl Du Plessis, Matt Hill, Paul Noesen, Tom Rugg
– TD for two events – Aaron Moreton, David Heath, Jackson Adams, John Schlobohm, Johnathan ‘JJ’ Johnas, Matt Green, Patrick Thorpe, Patrick Willson, Phil Tweed.
– TD for two events and Assistant TD for one – Matthew Wallis Priit Koiv, Kevin Costa, Michelle Schulz, Ryan Nicholson, Ken Summers.
– TD for three events – Brett Chambers, Connor Donnelly, Jonathan Dragt, Sam Rubock
– TD for five events and Assistant TD for one – Jeff Brunsting

Last year ten new TDs were certified through the ADG Mentoring programme. Congratulations and thanks for stepping up to:
– Jordan Wheeler – WA
– Patrick Willson – WA
– Brian Clevenger – QLD
– Jason Vidot – QLD
– Sean Gottschling – TAS
– Nathan Thomas – QLD
– Janet Ford Adams – VIC
– Julie O’Donoghue – WA
– Leroy Sharrock-VIC
– Peter Barry – VIC
And extra special thanks to the experienced TDs who mentored them through the process.

And the many more TD’s and Assistant TDs who gave up their time this year to facilitate our competitive play, you are truly appreciated:
Oliver Mundy-Castle, Mike Spangenberg, Michael Van der Linden, Nathan Thomas, Brittini Ramsey, Jason Browne, Rhys Kruger, Scott Ryan, Lisa Wallis, Emilie Cameron, Sue Summers, Dale McFarlane, Hayden McPherson, Chris Hart, Andrew Stanley, Jason McCormick, Todd Chapman, Leroy Sharrock, Robert Lambert, Simon Tanner, Curtis King, Clayton Beck, Sam Ockerby, Allen Brunsting, Kairi Koobakene, Kris Kohout, Carey Edwards, Joseph Doran, Ashley Gabe, Chris Barr, Keron Redman, Peter Barry, Trent Pease, Wade O’Shannessy.

The work of the TDs for each event is varied and all-encompassing. From access permissions to marketing, merch, registrations, comms, admin, course prep and set-up, sponsorships, prizes, trophies, reporting and even catering! It’s a labour of love for sure, but a huge amount of work none-the-less, and we thank and applaud every one of you that has made an event, big or small, possible this year.

Don’t forget to thank your TD after each event, and maybe for 2023…..have a chat with an experienced TD about what it involves and have a think about whether you might be able to be Assistant TD or TD for an event in 2023?

ADG 2022 Annual Report

Did you know that there’s now 101 courses installed in Australia, that ADG has now nearly 3,200 registered members and that in 2022 1,018 individuals played in ADG sanctioned events?

Stats, stories and more about the biggest year that disc golf in Australia has seen, and also a run down of the event structure changes for 2023.

View or download your copy here

Disc Golf Profiles – Meet the Board

Paul Arden – Director of Competitions and PDGA Liaison

Image by Kingsley Flett

A founder and still the longest-serving board member of ADG, Paul Arden is the mastermind behind the ADG Tour and has been instrumental in the development of governance in the sport since the mid-noughties. Let’s hear from Paul

Q: How long have you played (DG) and how did you get introduced to the sport?
A: About 17 years since 2005. A friend found out about Disc Golf through VFDA (Victorian Flying Disc Association) and we played their object/lamppost course in the Fitzroy Gardens. A bit of Googling and we quickly found the now removed basket course on the Whittlesea Golf Club course, hooked ever since. First real disc, Innova XD.

Q: What is your favourite place to play in Australia and why?
A: Likely a tie between Poimena and Crater Lakes as the most beautiful and enjoyable. Closer to home I love Stony Creek Disc Golf Course because it’s less than 15 minutes from home and I can just empty my bag over and over going for aces.

Q: How did you come to be on the ADG Board? and what are the responsibilities of your position?
A: I was one of the founding board members of ADG, at a time where if you wanted to play Disc Golf you had to have a hand in organising things. I have been Director of Competitions and responsible for the ADG Tour since then.

Q: Look ahead five years – what is your vision for disc golf in Australia?
A: More courses, more tournaments, more players! The last two years has seen amazing growth of the sport to the point where we now have the ‘nice-to-have’ problems we talked about 15 years ago. Now we need to start working on ways to accommodate the huge demand for Disc Golf in Australia.

Q: Do you have any tips or advice for people thinking of getting involved in the admin/management side of disc golf?
A: Focus. Select an area you believe you can make a valuable contribution to and focus on that. There is a diverse set of requirements and more than likely there will be a way you can contribute, whether at a local level or nationally.

Thanks Paul

For a more detailed account of Paul’s life in Disc Golf have a look at the fireside chat interview we did in 2019…/

Image by Kingsley Flett