Vic Open in Ballarat

Ben Hines Drives Hole 1 at Victoria Park in Ballarat. Picture by Carol Heath

A picture of Australia isn’t complete until you’ve been to one of the gold boom towns. Ballarat, Bendigo, Kalgoorlie, Southern Cross, Bathurst and Orange are just a few; all inland and all places that fermented the hard working larrikin spirit, with a healthy lack of deference to authority which is a big part of the Aussie character.

The civil disobedience of the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat in 1854 was largely a protest against taxation without representation and the beginning of the end of colonial rule in Australia. Many say it was the birthplace of Australian democracy and it was crucial event in our countries history.

The sell out of 108 competitors for this weekends Vic Open in Ballarat is, in some ways, a celebration of that same spirit. It’s not that long ago that the Victorian disc golf scene depended on a few dedicated volunteers carting portable baskets around from park to park for tournaments. The boom we are witnessing now is due in no small part to their efforts; and this weekend its all taking place in a boom town.

You can follow the event here and here.

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