Women’s Global Event

This May 8 and 9 the PDGA is running another edition of the PDGA Womens Global Event. We are really glad to have this back after having to abandon it last year. For details on how you can get involved, check the pdga page here.

Also contact Emilie Cameron or Cassie Sweetten if you want some extra details on how to get involved.

Women In Disc Golf Photo Competition

In association with the event we are holding a ‘Women in Disc Golf’ photography competition. Send us your best group pictures of women playing disc golf together and we’ll feature them in the tournament marketing. The ADG board will also pick their 3 favorite pictures and award a prize. Judging will favor the community and social side of disc golf over the competitive stuff, but if you’ve got a great picture of your favorite woman disc golfer in a competitive setting, don’t hold back. Send your pictures here.